10 Years of Spreading the Aloha!

PMG International is proud to have provided advanced online media campaign development and social media management services since 2003!

Hawaii - Your Marketing is 24/7!

Today your marketing efforts work 24 hours a day, everyday. Is your company's digital footprint and product information earning you creditability or even income while you sleep?

Marketing Hawaii's Music

One of the most powerful brands in the world is Aloha. The Aloha we see, feel and hear now wraps it's arms around the world with social media - here's how....

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Simpler than ever

Your Story MATTERS!

Building that relationship with your new customer is now built on the story behind the product and its company.  Are you the founder of the company – what’s your story? People want to attach themselves to the story behind your product – TELL THEM!

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Help Me Find You

The basis behind search engine results is asking questions.  When you type in a keyword for a search your are essentially asking Google to help you.  Is the content you’re providing through social media helping someone? If not you could be missing out!

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Video Is King

Video Is Now A MUST!

You’re at Starbucks, the airport or at your in-laws BBQ and you find yourself drifting into the cool smart phone you have. Almost 70% of social use on smart-phones is image and video via Instagram, Facebook or Vine – Can we find you there?

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TV, Radio Social Media

TV, Radio, Social Media OH MY!

Using traditional media here in Hawaii can have a big impact on your social media marketing efforts.  But traditional campaigns to drive social media engagement takes some strategy, so that you don’t throw your hard earned money to the wind.

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social media hawaii

5 Steps to Create GREAT Social Content For Your Business in Hawaii

The bottom line is that you don’t really need to hire a social media specialist in Hawaii or anywhere else …

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Negative Social Media

Negative Engagement on Your Social Media Can Be Positive

Without a doubt it happens to every business in the world; someone doesn’t like your product/service – they complain.  Today …

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Geebz Speaking Fames Hawaii3.00

Speaking at the Hawaii Internet Marketing Association Session – No Jazz Hands This Time?

One of the things I enjoy doing is making presentations at seminars and workshops.  For some reason speaking in front …

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Modern Honolulu 22Morimoto Waikiki

Hawaii Restaurants and using Social Media – The Power of Visual

Almost every restaurant in Hawaii has a social media presence.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and vine are being used in all …

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